Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Truck Warranty Coverage For New And Used Vehicles

Good truck warranty coverage is important whether your truck is new or used. Even though they are extremely similar, there are some slight variations in truck warranty coverage and regular auto warranty coverage.Size of the TruckSizes of truck vary tremendously when you think about all the various types and styles that are available on the market. Often the type of truck warranty coverage that you can obtain on the vehicle will vary depending on the size of the truck.Smaller, passenger trucks typically have very similar truck warranty coverage as regular vehicles. There are additional clauses for truck beds, bed liners and wear and tear.Larger trucks that are often used for commercial purposes have specific coverage for the classification of the trucks. These truck warranty coverage plans are typically more detailed and cover additional things that a normal car warranty would not. For example, there are injectors, turbo charges and even more lubricant parts on a truck than on a regular automobile.Rust and Corrosion Truck Warranty CoverageIt is important to have rust truck warranty coverage. Often the bed of a truck can become damaged when hauling stuff around in the back. Even with a bed liner, water can sit in the truck bed and cause corrosion or rust damage after a certain period of time. No matter what the size or the class of the truck you will want to get rust and corrosion truck warranty on the vehicle.Extended Mileage Truck Warranty CoverageFor trucks that are being driven for commercial uses, it is very important to get extended mileage truck warranty coverage. You will quickly put quite a few miles on your truck before you know it. Typically this type of extended coverage will not be offered at the dealership or by the manufacturer since the truck is not being used strictly for personal use. You will have to shop around and find an auto warranty broker that will give you extended mileage.Wear and Tear Truck Warranty CoverageWear and tear on a truck can be very expensive. The reason is that there are more parts to operate a truck than there is for operating a car. This means more money out of your pocket to run and operate your truck. Through an auto warranty broker you will want to get wear and tear truck warranty coverage. It is well worth the cost of the warranty.Power Train or Drive Train Warranty CoverageThe parts of the truck such as clutch, transmission and axles that can go bad during time can also be quite expensive to replace or repair. This is even true for cars. If you plan on keeping the truck for more than two years, it is very important to get additional power train or drive train truck warranty coverage on the vehicle. You can find more information on auto warranties at http://www.carwarrantypolicies.comComparison ShopWhen you select a truck warranty for your vehicle, do some comparison shopping. Find out specifically what items are or are not covered on the various truck warranty plans. Also, compare the prices and the limitations of the plans. You want to find the truck warranty plan that will give you the most coverage for the least amount of money.Truck Warranty TransferCheck with the dealer of the truck warranty about transfer. If you are planning on up-grading or getting a different truck in the future, you will want to go with an warranty broker that will allow you to transfer your current plan to a different truck.