Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How To Stay Safe On Your ATV

There is, currently, an unfair negative outlook of ATV riding in the US as the ATV industry faces many objections from the general public, in particular, parents of kids who would like to take up ATVing as a sport. We would like to point out the fact that although there is a rising number of deaths related to ATV riding, we need to take the whole context into the picture before we can make a proper decision on whether ATV riding is a safe sport or not - for adults AND kids.Accidents do happen - it happens to cars, motorcycles, airplanes, ships...etc and yet we consider ATVs to be one of the safest vehicles if the ATV rider takes proper precaution and have taken lessons on how to ride their ATVs safely. Most of the reported accidents related to ATVs is a direct and indirect result of the ATV rider's negligence, indiscipline and abuse of alcoholic substances. A large percentage of the accidents also happened to kids because they were not given proper riding gear, the right type of ATV to ride on and were not given proper ATV riding training.Here are some tips to help you and your kids stay safe on our ATVs.Take some training on ATV ridingThis is especially true for kids! Adults can take lessons or join a short course too but we assume that adults have the ability of avoiding unnecessary accidents than kids because of our agility and quick response, but kids, we seriously advice parents to enroll their kids for ATV riding lessons before allowing them on an ATV.Wearing the right protective gear whenever riding ATVWe feel that we cannot emphasize the importance of proper ATV gear enough and even if we've said it a thousand times before, we'll say it again. The only way to keep yourself as safe as possible when you're riding your ATV is to wear proper ATV riding gear. Although ATV protective gears like ATV helmets, goggles, boots, apparel, gloves, knee and elbow pads...etc cannot protect the ATV rider completely, the chances of obtaining injuries, fatal or otherwise, is reduced tremendously. Often, an experienced and trained ATV rider can reduce their chances of obtaining life-threatening injuries if reduced significantly when they wear the right ATV protective gear.ATVs are not meant, usually, to carry passengersUnless it is specifically built to do so, carrying a passenger (or riding an ATV as a passenger) is a big mistake! The reason? Very simple. In order to maintain control of an ATV, you'll need the ability to control and shift your weight properly. This is the kind of lessons you will get when you enroll into ATV riding classes - control is in the weight of your body. hence, when there's a passenger riding on your ATV, it will hamper smooth movement of your body and the weight of your passenger might not shift along with yours. More so if you're riding on a difficult terrain - like one that requires interactive riding.Never ride ATV on paved roadsOne, paved roads are not made for ATVs. It can get pretty difficult, even for a professional, to control their ATVs properly on paved roads. Two, there are cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles on the paved roads making collision highly plausible. Many of the fatalities we have seen in reports occur on paved roads, so, beware.Kids should not ride on adult ATVsYou may think it is convenient that your child ride your ATV. You may think that your child is mature enough to handle an adult ATV. But the truth is that children, especially young kids, should not even be on adult ATVs. A large percentage of the ATV-related fatalities reported involve kids and if you make a quick check, most of these cases occur because the kids or young children were allowed to ride on adult ATVs!Don't drink and driveThis is one of the most basic rule with regards to road safety and yet, every year, we see people die on vehicles because their mental faculties were not 100% because of drinks and drugs. Even for a professional, alcohol alters the brain and logical perception and judgment is impaired. If you value your life, never do drinks or drugs when you intend to ride your ATV.